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Barletta Holdings

Barletta Holdings Limited was incorporated on 14th of May in the Year 2009 with a clear mandate to invest in real estate and Agribusiness.

Real Estate: To provide Kenyans with quality housing facilities at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality, comfort and convenience. We also provide construction services to third party clients willing to venture into in real estate.

Agribusiness: To satisfy the ever increasing demand for quality Horticulture products for both local and export markets. We do supply Greenhouses, Crop management services and Horticultural produce marketing. Our quality of produce guarantees high returns to investment.

Currently we have ongoing projects in real estate and agriculture and we encourage you to browse through our website and or contact us to get more details.

Our offices are located at Nairobi, Electricity House 8th Floor, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi.

We are proud of the success of our first project Topsun Apartments with a built up area of 16,000 Sq.ft that has served the clients well in timely delivery, pricing, impeccable quality and flexible terms of engagement.  We are now undertaking the next project Topsun Gardens with a built up area of 52,000 Sq.ft of Masionettes in a Gated Community concept.

Barletta agriculture

At Barletta agriculture, your piece of land will earn you money even before it appreciates in value thanks to the innovative Agribusiness concept by Barletta Agriculture. Once you buy a plot from Barletta agriculture and invest in a Greenhouse, we will install it for you on site, plant, manage and market the produce, then pay you a return on investment in less than three (3) years. Our Agribusiness concept is informed by the ever increasing demand for quality agricultural commodities especially Greenhouse Vegetables.

  • Increased Production: The green house cultivation method for sure increases the production by multifold.
  • Better Quality / Better Prices: It is a well-known fact that the quality of produce from a greenhouse is way better than the counterparts grown in open field cultivation.
  • Reduced Cost of Cultivation: For greenhouse cultivation, much less water is required as there is less evaporation; typically, the drip irrigation method is more precise and uses a lower quantity of water.
  • Plan Your Crop/ Off season growing: When you are growing in greenhouse conditions, you are not dependent on the vagaries of nature.
  • Marketing – Our marketing strategy has been carefully crafted in line with our competitive advantage, incorporating our values with the products, planning before planting, product branding for both local and export markets
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Electricity House 8th Floor, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi

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